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when i grow up i want to be a mom and blog about it

on February 16, 2012

and so here i am.  i am a mom.  i have a husband.  we have 3 kids.  and they have turned our simple life into a Comedy.  sometimes i laugh at the antics, sometimes i do the mommy-scowl (while husband laughs), half the time i shake my head with the mommy-sigh, but at the end of the day when they are tucked in their beds and the dishes are half done, my husband and i laugh until it’s dangerous.  (i’ve delivered 3 kids naturally.  i have an incontinence issue.  ok?  glad that is out there now.  awesome.)

it has been suggested to me to start a blog and tell some Tales of Mom.  maybe that’s what i should have named my blog.  i wrote down probably 25 different title suggestions for my blog.  Wine and Cheerios, Momtastic, Momdays, Mom Circus, Family Cir-(oh wait, that’s already a title of something else.  and only NOW do i get WHY it is so named.  and i nod in recognition.  like looking in a mirror people!)  i digress.  often.  anyway, so it hit me, i love a good Romantic Comedy, and my life is definitely a Comedy.  sometimes Romantic, often Dramatic, mostly Neurotic, but ALWAYS Comedic.

while i am not quite familiar with blogging, save for the $2-a-blog writing i did for a greeting card website (no lie, i was also asked to write a weekly newsletter for $1 for each submission.  i requested $10.  i was denied.  i quit a few weeks later.  there are some serious grammar issues within these parentheses),  i do realize that my family stories are fresh in my mind for only a few days.  the details start to fall by the wayside, and so writing them down, here, will preserve them for my family for however long we’d like.

i would love for you to join me as i recount the goings-on in my little simple life…my very own Mom-Com.  my Momantic Comedy.


6 responses to “when i grow up i want to be a mom and blog about it

  1. HA! Can’t wait for you to get blogging! You are freaking hilarious (or maybe your kids are?).

  2. Mom says:

    I love that you are doing this! You have a hilarious way of describing your family and all your daily drama. I’m sure many moms will see their lives in your words. Love you!

  3. tenessa says:

    Love it, love you ❤

  4. Natty Pie's mom says:

    So proud of you for starting this, you facebook posts were just not enough for me.

  5. Val Templeton says:

    Jane, sounds great! You are a great writer! I want to follow your blog.

    Keep up the good work!

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